Bug with Rattay Tournament


I have a bug with the Rattay Tournament side quest.

As soon as you finish Awakening by talking to Radzig in Pirkstein, the Rattay Tournament side quest will launch automaticly after a short while.

It seems to be connected to the good thief too. Once you’ve talked to Peshek about searching the dead body, you’ll get the option to bet on the tournament.

This means you can take part in the tournamenet even before training with Bernard. If you don’t enroll and take part in it, you’ll fail the quest the next day. I’m not sure about the consequences for future quest related to the tourney, such as dead men tell no tales. So far, I could get the quest from the samopesh blacksmith even after failing the tournamenet quest, but died on my way back so not sure if you can still take part to subsequent tournamenet and fight black peter to complete that quest. There was no marker on map after taking the quest from the blacksmith.

Cheers for a very good DLC so far :slight_smile:

EDIT: This bug occured with both modded and unmodded new playthrough