Bug with Spurs and Horsemanship training. (Xbox)

Not sure if this is known or not. (I’d assume so with how old the game is)

But I talked to Vashek the stable hand in Uzhitz with 9 Horsemanship., and I was able to get advanced training (10 skill requirement). I believe this was because I have gold spurs on, which give +5 horsemanship., so I effectively had 14 as far as the game was concerned when I tried to train.

This got me actually to level 10 horsemanship. (15 if counting the spurs) I noticed the bug before I attempted to train master, because when I looked at my skill to see what level it was after training, I saw it was just now 10. That had me confused, since I should have needed to already be 10 to train, and then I gained a level.

So I tried master training with just 10 base horsemanship and +5 from spurs. … And it worked. I got to base level 11.95 (Almost 12).

Just figured I’d let you guys know.

You can do it with any skill, take a potion or something to boost the skill and you can get the appropriate training if your level is enough.
Seems the training just takes into account your current skill level rather than your base skill level.