[BugReport] Trade Screen bug 1.9.2 Xbox

I emailed this to the support email but with the bug report system link showing a gateway error, I can’t be sure anyone will see it so I’m posting here too.

Playing 1.9.2 on an original (not x) Xbox one.

Whenever I open the trade screen with a merchant there’s about a 50-70% chance that the Henry preview on the right will be completely black and the trade screen will be essentially non-functional. I’ll be able to scroll through the list but not tab to sell or buy anything. When this happens, usually if you exit out, wait a few seconds and go back in, it will function properly, but about 30% of the time it will become stuck that way and refuse to load the trade screen any other way unless I go somewhere far away (not next door) and find a merchant that will open the trade screen correctly, which seems to unstick it and allow correct use on the previous merchant.

The game has some bad problems with load in, with various disembodied heads floating about if you move too fast, I assume that’s just a problem with the memory bandwidth on the original Xbox one, and it doesn’t effect the environments that bad so it doesn’t really bother me.

The reason I mention this is that I have a suspicion that these two problems are linked. The trade screens seem to bug out far more frequently if ANY character in the vicinity is even slightly not loaded in. Even if the trader is fully rendered, if the shop guard is blurry and lacking his detail textures, or even the stall trader outside is, it’s nearly guaranteed that the trader will bug. Even if I race through a city like normal and then sit in front of the trader for a long time waiting for everything to load in fully, it still happens almost half the time though.

I get that you are probably moving on to a sequel soon and probably won’t be releasing many more patches for this awesome game, but I’d really appreciate it if you could fix this one bug before you move on completely, it’s driving me nuts.

Oh and please add a consumable cleaning kit that you can use while you are out to clean your armor and weapons, ideally in this game but in the sequel if not. I like to look good and water troughs barely remove any dirt from the character model.