Bugs in dialogue between Henry and Stephanie of Talmberg



Please see image below. This even happened on the live stream. Has been there since the beginning. When can we expect a fix? This is supposed to be quite an emotional scene and having Henry’s face pressed up against the screen during his part of the dialogue is massively immersion breaking.

Just to add, the image does not show the problem, I used it to show where the problem occurs. It happens just after this cut-scene when Henry has dialogue choices. His character is positioned too far from the bed, so when the camera pans to him, his face covers the screen.


Can you, please, describe a bit clearer what is the problem? I can’t really see anything on the screenshot.


I think he means that if you skip the cutscene too early, before Henry is properly seated on the bed, he will be facing the wall and showing his back to Stephanie during the following dialogue.


Why would you skip the cutscene? Thats just about massively immersion breaking too imho, it doesnt make any sense if its what the OP is talking about.