Building a castle for Radzig Kobyla in KCD 2

We know this from ingame Kodex:
In 1403 Skalitz was besieged and burned to the ground by King Sigismund and his Cuman army. For his service and loyalty King Wenceslas IV permitted Racek to build his own castle at Veselí nad Sázavou. Standing on this site today is Chateau Komorní Hrádek.

What do you thing about if we as his son Henry are able to build this castle?. Like the system in From the Ashes but much more detailed? With some storycontent, problemes at the building site…
The place, where this castle stands is next to Skalitz in real life. so this idea is posible as our headquarter in the next game


Oh yes, after many people were confused about FtA, you want now the same with a castle?!
Oh hell no, please no.

After the fiasco of From the Ashes, I’d be worried about the idea of constructing a castle. Those take years to construct (take a look at Guedelon Castle in France) and if we go by the old Kickstarter videos, I’m pretty sure we’ll be more preoccupied with the Battle of Grunwald and the Siege of Rattay in KCD2 instead of building a castle.



whats this about a battle of rattay? That sounds amazing!

Don’t get excited. the Devs just recently admitted that work on KC2 is hardly started. too busy with bugs and DLC and there is only 120 people in WHS

This was the trailer for the Kickstarter, which, considering it had a lot of what KCD featured, means we can safety assume we will be fighting at Grunwald (1410, 7 years after the first KCD) and siegeing Rattay under control of Sigismund.

0:23-0;28, two trebuchets (most likely constructed by our friend Konrad Keysler) bombard Rattay.

1:06-1:07, we as Henry combat (and kill) a soldier. In the background Miller Peshek’s house is ablaze, meaning the Miller is most likely dead or fled with Theresa.

1:13-1:18, we as Henry ascend a ladder and combat a Teutonic Knight, who were on side with Sigismund at the time.

1:19-1:23, we get a glimpse of what may be Grunwald.

1:30-1:36, we as Henry combat two separate Teutonic Knights, killing one. This may be Grunwald.

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I think also, that we will see the battle of Grunwald.
Later in 1403 the castle of Skalitz, or better the ruin was given to Jan Sokol of Lamberka by king Wenceslas. This knight was one of the leaders in the battle of Grunwald. He was like Radzig Kobyla one of the lower nobles, that make career at the court of Wenceslas IV.

So maybee the teutonic order attaced the Sasau region, to stop Sokol of Lamberka. To stop him and his allies to take part at the battle of Grunwald later in time.

Also interesting is, that Radzig Kobyla was killed 1416 in a tavern in Kuttenberg. he had been there to collect taxes for the King. After the sources all of his man were killed apart of one.
So I think, if there will be an other Kingdom Come game, we will see this scene, and i think we know, who will be the person, that will be alive :sunglasses:

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