Bullshit camera

Isn’t it absolutely fucking hilarious when you die more often due to shitty camera glitches than the actual enemies outdoing your performance. I’ve litteraly been trying the same cuman camp for 5 fucking tries and every single time my camera decides to lock on to some random fucking dog instead of the guy right next to me stabbing me in the fucking eyebrows, this game is so fucking buggy and awful i’m incredibly INCREDIBLY glad I got it on gamepass and not with my own money.

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LOL another “lock on sucks” thread.
Welcome to KCD, enjoy your stay in medieval Bohemia.

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open console.
wh_cs_PlayerLockDisabled = 1

after killing numerous enemies
set it back to
wh_cs_PlayerLockDisabled = 0
if wanting to use the stupid lock mechanics.

The problem with that is that im on xbox so its 50x worse than if i was using keyboard and mouse

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Why not fucking go into the fucking controls settings and fucking assign a fucking button for the fucking unlock and the fucking lock change?

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Doesnt really work like that though, it’s not so simple


The circle button on X1 controller. It doesn’t solve the problem, though. If there was a mechanic where you hold a button, maybe L1, while moving the right stick to select enemies, you may actually survive 4 on 1 encounters. I use stealth to kill them in their sleep, or maybe poison them, but when fast traveling and you’re accosted on the road by 4 people and you’re getting stabbed from 4 directions before you can get the sword out of your sheath, it’s quite annoying. I’d be happy if the sword would come right out when you try to do so. If they could fix both of these problems, problems that are quite easy to fix, it would make the game more enjoyable.