Can I revive crucial characters from the main quest if i killed them?

I stupidly killed the Scribe of Rattay when looking for locks to pick so I could upgrade my lock picking skills. I’ve looked everywhere for a solution or a way to revive him because now I cant continue with the main quest. In the quest "Mysterious Ways " The player is required to talk to the scribe, this wont work for me because of me stupidly murdering the scribe, now i’m stuck on this quest and I really don’t want to reset my game because of all the grinding I’ve done to level up all my skills.

Is there any way to get passed this boundary or revive him?

Don’t remember it was required in that mission… what for? :neutral_face:

PS.: Don’t go killing ppl just for fun, not needed and has unintended consequences :yum:

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The scribe is an alternate route to complete mysterious ways if you fail to gain father godwin’s Trust.

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You can always try and find Miracle Max, he may be able to revive the dead (or almost nearly dead).

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Yeah, but the priest doesn’t trust me because i git arrested.

It was required to talk to him so you can read the names from the “Rattay Black Chronicle”

Kill a few people in front of other people and go to jail for 10 days… Lame but it will bring people back to life. I have killed every single person out there you can and then surrendered to Bernard and everyone is back. People hated me but there at least breathing again, hahahha

NPCs respawn after 7 till 14 days. u dont have to go to jail for that