Can someone tell me how to perform a riposte!?!?!?!?

I do exactly as they say it, strike right after perfect blocking, even during the animations, yet the enemies block them like it’s a normal bloody attack. Can someone tell me how to do it and how to know If i had done it correctly?

I’am sure you already learned it form capt Bernhard.
do you use a Long or short Sword? With or without Shield?

Riposte could be blocked (the attack after perfect block), only Master Strike could not (the better timed perfect block - need to be learned at Bernard).

Yes, but how can it be blocked? Only normal block or only perfect block or both? Can an immediate riposte be blocked with a master strike?

The enemy seem to be able to master strike my ripostes. But I have never once master striked theirs. No matter how many tries.

When calculating chances for blocking and riposting the game takes into consideration (among others)the attacker’s warfare and relevant melee weapon skill and the defender’s defense skill.

Reasons why enemies riposte you every time and you can’t riposte them:
-your own skill i playing
-you attack with a weapon you’re not skilled with (don’t bother fighting stronger enemies with a weapon in which you have a skill below 14-15, this includes some Cumans)
-you attack a very strong enemy (they ten to have ridiculously high warfare and melee weapon skills)
-your defense skill is low (just don’t bother adventuring with a defense lower than 12, it will also allow you to purchase the “well fitted” perk which reduces encumbrance from all equipped items)
-your defensive implement has a low defense rating (which is also affected by your own defense stat). Only longswords and a few shortswords (the best ones out there) are good enough to be used without a shield, sp use the best shield out there (small shields and lighter Cuman shields < large shields and some metal Cuman shields < Bouche shields).
-the highest chance to riposte is when your weapon is positioned about opposite from the side from which the enemy attempts to strike (Captain Bernard teaches you this in basic training, but doesn’t explain that it’s very useful in doing ripostes)
-for some reason weapons used without a shield have a higher chance to perform a more damaging riposte than weapons used with a shield.
-the weapon which is most appreciate for dealing ripostes is a longsword without a shield, but this requires an aggressive fighting style that will risk leaving you open for attack and counterattacks

I know what you’re talking about. Let’s just call it a counter attack because clearly everyone is confused. He’s talking about how it supposed to be unblockable and un dodgeable after a perfect block. Yes it’s supposed to be like this. It says this in the hints of the game. If it would work after a perfect block we would be in a dance of death perfect blocking and counter attacking after until one doesn’t attack or one missed a parry. It is not possible to Counter attack like the enemies can. It works for them but not us. When i first played this game i liked the idea of it. And as you could tell from how enemies react to a counter attack off of a perfect block. The game kinda recognizes it as a feature but not really. Enemies tend to not react to a counter attack unlike neutral attacks. If i could I would add a mod that removed the master strike and implemented the supposed to be functional counter attack system. Idk why no one else but me and you noticed this.

In short, you can’t despite the game suggesting it true, and it being true for AI. Hopefully a mod will make it true.