Can someone try and make a combat re balance mod?

Really just a simple change. Implement the Riposte system(Ill be brief explaining it, in the combat tutorials of the game it says after you perfect block, if you attack your should become only perfect block able, meaning no master strike, no dodge and no static block, this is true for the enemies of the game but not for the player.) And just remove master strike’s.

I personally think this would improve the game substantially. And encourage swinging at your enemy, because no you know you can at least defend after.

But that would leave a problem with 1vx situations. Maybe during a perfect block you parry all attacks that are swung at you and ends the enemy chain of attacks and cause’s the enemy to wait a second or two before the enemy can retaliate.

But the master strike system is insanely unhealthy. Without it and with the riposte system fixed combo’s and feints can be used on trained opponents.

You can try this:

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Oooo, that looks very good. If only I had a pc to use it, I’ll make sure to use this when I finally do buy a pc. This is literally what I wanted, appreciated man. Enjoy your day.