Can someone update the mod please

Hello, can someone update the mod called Black Hoods Up on Nexus?

Or create a new one that will have a hood up together with the helmet? Thanks!

There is this mod and somwhere on this forum i posted a link to updated version of this one.

Anyway you can just made the adjustment to clothing and closing_preset xmls yourself if you want only specific hood to be up.

Thanks for the answer. I am not tech savy, that’s why I ask for someone to update the mod or make it if possible. I do not know what you are talking about when yo’re saying to make an adjusment to closing_presemt xlmls! Can you explain, please?

For example, I’d like this hood 4dd34997-a8f3-9f9f-ddaa-ca0ca4b07c9f to be on together with my helmet. I opened tables.pak with 7zip and tried to edit armor.xml and clothing.xml and such but I still do not understand what and how to edit.

in armor.xml there is clothing_id2 on each entry. To wear something on top of (with) other piece you paste clothing_id of item you want attach to clothing_id2 ot the item you need to attach it, or so i assume it should work that way. I personaly don’t like hoods over hemet and there were mentions it would cover the top of the screen in first person view. But with dynamically up hoods without helmet it works fine (you need to change clothing_preset.xml to it work properly too). Anyway you can download any of the mentioned mods on nexus and reverse engineer them to find a clue.

I am not tech tech savvy as I said, so I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything you said. I’ve been struggling to make it work for days now with a lot of frustration and nothing works. Thanks for explanation though! I’ll need to wait for someone to update the mod or make a new one! Which I do not think is anytime soon.