Can’t find the wine I won :(

I’m playing through the “at your service my lady” quest and I won the archery competition for the wine. For whatever reason they don’t just hand you your wine there is a search area for it. I’ve been over it 1000 times and cannot for the life of me find it. Anyone know it’s whereabouts? THANKS!

I did this quest probably two years ago, but I didn’t get the prize when I won either. So I guess it’s still bugged? Anyway, you can buy it from the winner, and that’s how I ended up getting it.

Did you talk to the Archery master after the competition?

You know you drank it. Don’t lie.

Shouldn’t it be in the chest next to the archer master?

I lost the archery contest, talked to the winner and got him to donate it to Stephanie. It is in your quest inventory so you can’t mistakenly sell it.

But he won the contest. no other winner but him …

Did you check the quest tab in your inventory? Also there is an area in the presbytery next to the church. If you can’t find missing quest items (e.g. bandit chiefs spurs) you can look for them there.