Can’t kill runt

Ok so I was having a little trouble killing runt to start with and figured out I was just to weak and I was doing it wrong so there are a couple strategies but these are the three that have worked for me 1) get a decent short sword (mine did 55 slash damage) and parry his attacks and only hit him in the head because he has no helmet on this method kills him in three hits with 9 agility 2) use a bow and run around the room using the beam in the centre to keep him at a distance. This method was a little harder for me but did work it would be easy if your a good aim because you can 1 shot him in the head because he has no helmet 3) get your strength to 10 by training a lot and use a mace because runts armour is very resistant to sharp weapons. This method isn’t as effective as the other two but works if you don’t wont to just hit him in the head with a sword or a bow.