Can’t pickpocket (PS4)


How do you pickpocket in Skalitz? I’m still in the prologue, but am trying to level up my stealth, so I can learn stealth knockdowns (I need to get my stealth to level 5, and mine is still at 1). I’m not getting any prompts to pickpocket, despite repeated attempts. I’m using the ps4 version, btw (version 1.0).


Ok, I just read that pickpocketing isn’t possible in Skalitz. But, how are people able to use stealth knockdowns that early in the game? You need to be level 5 in stealth to get the perk for it, which seems difficult, if not impossible at that point.


lockpicking is what you need.


Absolutely correct. When you’re trying to get the hammer, nails and axe from old kunish you have 3 options.

  1. You provoke him in dialogue and beat him up.
    (For 2 and 3 you’ll have to have helped your friends throw dung at the Germans house.)
  2. You go into kunish’s house and try and open the chest and Henry will say something like “hmm it’s locked I bet Fritz(your friend) would have some lock picks” Now go ask Fritz for some lockpicks (Note: if you beat up kunish to get the axe hammer and nails you can’t ask Fritz for lockpicks anymore)
  3. After having thrown shit at the Germans house you can ask your buddies for help beating the shit out of kunish.
    Now you need to do #2 for your early game Henry op builds or stealth builds because you want those lock picks. Now you must sneak around unlocking all the very easy and easy doors and chest without getting caught and without breaking and lockpicks. Then hard and then very hard. By then you should’ve been able to have enough sneak to choke people out without worrying to much to find sneaky clothing. Also you should just murder them with and axe or something to lvl your strength(Not the mercy kill animation, just use the attack button) and also and more importantly so they don’t wake up and report you to the guards. Idk how they know you did it but it will happen. Also hide the bodies out behind the tavern in those wooded fields near the cows. I hope this helps you out man it took me for ever to figure this out.


Also everyone you murder that’s important later in the game will respawn after you leave skaltz so don’t worry it’s just for leveling your character as much as you can before you leave.