Can we get access to the in-game music?

Some of the in-game period music is exquisite and I’ d like to listen to it separately from the game. I was able to locate the PAK files related to the music and extract them. What they contained were SQCB format files. However, I’ve not been able to locate any useful information on this file format. It appears to be some form of encryption but the size of each of the files indicates each file might correspond to a specific piece of music. They range between 1-10MB. Anyone familiar with this file format and know of any way to play them or convert them to MP3 format?

The soundtrack is also available on steam:

Thanks. However, much of the in-game music I’m interested in was not included with the soundtrack.

I was able to rename the .sqcb files to .ogg and play in VLC

Thanks for the tip!

Did it sound good? Because I thought it’s more of a construction kit of music, that is quite freely put together in game?

Whenever I see a game that I like that is even remotely medieval I always put some LOTR battle music. The Uruk Hai and lighting of the beacons for example

I’ve managed to unpack SQCB files using SQCB Unpacker that I’ve developed.
I’ve published it as an open source software on Github: