Can we please get an option for old style English voice-overs?

The modern English speech sounds so plain and bland that it takes a huge amount away from the sensations of the setting, IMO. It makes it feel like this is recent times in the countryside, and not hundreds of years ago. The old style of English presented in the earlier language test video made a much more epic impression, and really did something to make the game feel like it takes place in another particular time.

I believe that not including older style English voice-overs, just as a player setting, is letting go of an amazing and unique opportunity to really be richly immersed in an authentic presentation of another time, unlike what any other historical media is capable to offer, or has achieved so far.


How many games have different voice overs for one language? Such nonsense. But do not worry, they plan to have czech voice overs so it will be closer to realism.

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Suck snark. Much cynical.

How many games take place in medieval Czech? None? Then I guess you must think that Kingdom Come: Deliverance shouldn’t, either?

Is the Czech old-style Czech? If not, then it’s the same problem and missed great opportunity.

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All variations and translations are presumably going to be modern.

Its an old thread but it illustrates the route the team chose to develop the voice overs.

The thing is me and many others would have trouble understand it for it would sound same as foreign language. I read old English and I could not understand it. Besides that developers are going after the international English so it is actually mixed up with different accents so for English speaker it may sound ridiculous as the game is happening in the small area. There were also complaints about Hungarian being too modern which I can not rate myself.

they felt that it would be too challenging for the audience, but i honestly it would have worked out fine. i think people would have memed the hell out of it.


People usually prefer to understand the things they are playing/watching/reading, and I cannot blame them. It would be neat if budgets were unlimited, but given the fact that we live in a real world, Warhorse chose correctly.


I’d like to play with a Czech voiceover and Russian subtitles.