Poll: Voiceovers, accents and archaic language

Hello there. So we have released first alpha with voice overs and people started to ask for different accents, different actors, more archaic language etc. So it would be interesting to discuss this a little.

First of all some explanations. All voiceovers were done by just one woman and two men during one session, so its really just temporary, it was cheap and without any rehearsing. Knowing this, I would say that its really good :slight_smile:

In a prototype which you can see in our Kickstarter videos and livestream, we tried to use old Shakespearean English and I personally think, that it was too much. Lot of people complained that its too much, some complained that its not enough. Seems that it would be hard to have agreement on this.

So here is my personal opinion - We write in Czech and we use rather modern language with some archaic words while avoiding some modern words. I would like to achieve something similar in English and any other language. Personally I do have a problem with British accent or old English - mostly because it doesn’t male any more sense than any other accent. Old Shakespearean English has nothing to do with our period and Bohemia. There are few movies based on Czech books shot in Czech Republic with English actors and they could hardly sound more weird. British English simply sounds unnatural in Czech environment when you know Czech language. I also hate it, when Germans/Russian speak English with German/Russian accent which should represent them speaking their native language. Its terrible. Its different when they represent someone who is German and speaks different language, then it makes sense of course, but watching movie from Germany in English and everybody has accent is silly.

It also should be said, that there is no chance we would be ever able to write the game in correct periodic language. Whatever if its Czech, English or German. We would not be able to write in it and even if we were, nobody would understand it and it would sound weird. So anything we will do will not be accurate and will just be pretending.

We should also not forget, that about one third of the country at the time was speaking German. So most nobility and rich people would speak German and there was also Latin… :slight_smile: Confusing isnt it ?

So I quite like approach of Mr. Sapkowski in his Hussite trilogy, which are brilliant books from the same period as our game - he uses modern language. Sometimes maybe even too modern. But in the end you understand everything as the lead character would at the time. In Scott’s Exodus, they also speak modern English and I think its better than archaic biblical language.

So my personal conclusion is, that the language everyone around the world understands is US/International English and I would stick with it with the use of archaic word there and there. I kind alike current translation, which is done by a Briton BTW :smile:

But if this makes you sad, you could always switch to Czech voiceovers with English subtitles.

That is where I stand in all this, but I would like to hear your opinion as well. So please answer this little poll if you wish.

  • I prefer archaic/Shakespearean English
  • I prefer modern International English with some archaic words/phrases here and there.
  • I prefer Czech language with subtitles.

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Tell us what you think! :slight_smile:

If I have read and understood correct,
I want to answer with this option,
If a czech NPC speaks,
I prefer Czech language with subtitles for other languages
and if a german NPC speaks,
I prefer German language with subtitles for other languages
and the same for Latin NPC’s
But this is probably a thing of the budget? :-/
(an adjusted Goal?)
I don’t know nothing exactly about the archaic language
but i hope they aren’t to friendly


archiac Shakespearean English.

I think its the best mix at, still have a game everyone understand without subtitles, but still stick to the medieval theme.


That would mix various languages! Dans options base on one language, depending on the localization. The style is the question. But if I understood right, your choice would be:

–> Different languages (with subs) depending on the person who is speaking


I would like modern English with British accent; this option in poll is missing.

To me, it’s really jarring to see somebody with Texan accent in medieval environment.


Yes, that would be the best!

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Yes that’s right.
I’ve only seen a game series that used this style, Call of Duty
But i think that would certainly be too expensive


i think if you was to make the game cezch language with English subtitles you would damage the game hugely in terms of how many sales you would get in .

personally i wouldnt buy a game where i had to read the subtitles it would annoy me too much and i think many would feel the same so you would limit hugely the people interested in buying the game .

i would assume the largets audience would be the US and the UK second , so i dont think it would be wise to implement a huge change which would annoy your largest audiences .

best to stick with a language the vast majority of the games audience will understand but give it the medieval feel


[CZ] Jelikož jsem Čech tak preferuji Český dabing s titulkama, ale myslím že “zvítězí” druhá možnost. Nicméně to by bylo taky skvělé :slight_smile: jestli by to bylo třeba tak jako v Assassin’s Creed - moderní Angličtina a jednou za čas tam postavy prohodí jedno místní slovo. :slight_smile: Držím vám palce.


I personally would like Czech/German voice actors, speaking International English with their own accents.


If the dialog is spoken in English, then it should at least be English with a Czech accent. I have hearing issues from my time in the Army so I always have subtitles turned on anyway.


To me it’s all about the exist of languages.
Subtitles are always off with me.
No matter whether I understand it or not.
I played The Witcher 2 for the first time in Polish without subtitles.
And I did not understand only one word!
I can’t speak or read russian languages
but i played the complete S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series only with russian audio and russian texts.

You need further 250,000 $ to create that mix?


Archaic/Shakespearean English should be good for English speaking countries, but - the game will be sold worldwide - and imagine how, for example Polish, Bulgarian, or other players from countries who must play this game in English, because their language will not be supported and who can understand fairly modern International English, will understand Archaic/Shakespearean English.


Honestly it would be wildly awesome to hear both czech, german and latin (spoken by the clergy I assume?) in the game with english subtitles when necessary. I would be fine with their modern variants. I’m not sure how expensive that would be, but it would definitely up the costs.
So realistically, from the options presented I like “International English with some archaic words/phrases” best. Using Shakespearean English honestly doesn’t make any sense to me.


Don’t forget our recent time issue! :slight_smile: More work = more danger! :smile:

I also think that mixing different languages is totally off table. Using different accents talking modern English could be interesting though!

Voices that match characters are pretty much the only thing needed here. Example: Henry now doesn’t sound “right”.
A lot of options in dialogue to go for (violent, charming, persuading). If someone who can’t “act”, tries to do these, agressive response and threat will sound silly. It’s all about right fit and “acting”.
For others characters. So far, you presented the British accent in better light than modern US english, so it’s hard to not like guards sounding deep, hard and soon to turn into big asshole that won’t let you through.
I voted for “Modern International English with some archaic words/phrases here and there” - from the original post, it seems you already figured it out.
I’d like some variety though, deep, squeaky… There shouldn’t be 1 “cool” voice level that everyone abides by. Some characters can be just annoying with their voice level and presentation and you can start hating them by the first second of the dialogue - that’s pretty realistic thing.


Very good points about modern English being difficult enough without throwing Shakespearean English at gamers outside of the US and UK!

English Language: We did it guys! We made a thing and it is good.
Everyone: There going to take they’re food over their.
English Language: facepalms


English doesn’t borrow from other languages. English follows other languages down dark alleys, knocks them over, and rummages through their pockets for loose grammar. - James Davis Nicoll


Hello all. Interesting discussion. Though I’m no fan of the Western genre, I’ve long been impressed by the dialogue in HBO’s Deadwood. While the delivery was modern English, the content and flow of the conversation was (as was frequently noted at the time) almost Shakespearian in style. However given the shortish length of most of the in-game dialogue, will it be possible to convey a similar tone?
I would go for International English with a sprinkling of archaic words and carefully crafted dialogue to hint at being an observer in an unfamiliar land, but not so archaic as to isolate the player, which would plainly defeat the purpose.
I don’t suppose you have the budget for hiring both English/Czech actors and leaving the choice to the player?


it seems that we really live in Global World. haha

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