Can you only own one horse at a time?

I want to buy a certain (easter egg) horse. I only get the option to trade in Pebbles. I have enough money to buy the horse. I was hoping we could own multiple horses and “equip” whatever horse we wanted to use.

Can we only own one horse at a time?

I believe so. Not logical to have two, no place to keep your second steed of the sort.


Yeah it forces you to trade in your other horse, if you’re talking about stinky warhorse Jennda then she way better than pebbles

Trade in Pebbles??? WTF, you better just stop that, stop that talk I tellz ya :stuck_out_tongue:


If you trade in pebbles you might just have a horse named horse

I have a horse named warhorse Jennda, Pebbles is a beginner horse and has poor stats, especially if you put the highest end gear on him\her, he/she can barely move.

Best not take him to the desert then Although, it would probably feel good to be out of the rain.

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I recommend killing your lower tier horse before buying a new one. Such filth should be euthanized.

I’m glad I sold that bitch-ass Pebbles, he only drove me off of cliffs.

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Hey whats this nonsense about trading Pebbles away??? I would never trade my trusty Pebbles away! The things we have experienced together… Pebbles4life!!


All this anti pebbles talk, bunch of Pebbists!
Remember when you were sleeping in that grave you uncovered fo tha treasure and Pebbles nudged you awake just in time as bandits surrounded you, hoofing 3 of them in the helmets before you both made your escape. Or that one time when Pebbles leapt clear over that runaway cow, or that one time when you both got so drunk that those 3 girls…uummmmm that’s private that one…aahhh the memories.

Trade in Pebbles…Nevaaaaa!!!


I want another horse with better stats, but I also wish to keep Pebbles. What happens if you do trade him? Does he disappear from the game or stay at the stable where you trade him?

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I recently traded Rocinante for Pegasus, i received a cut in the price of new horse. Rocinante returned to her place in the stables in Uzhitz, but Rocinante started in that stable in the fiert place.

Also if people dont want to trade Pebbles, i recommend to buy a horse before you start main quest line (before visiting Sir Radzig in Rattay).

Actually, I have a horse stored in the miller Peshek’s barn, and it’s been there for some time.
I rode it from a bandit camp and put,it in the barn. I’m sure I could probably ride it anytime, but suspect I would not be able to store anything on it, since I don’t think it has a saddle.
It’s shows stolen though, so I hesitate to ride it into any town.
I’ll have to transfer Pebbles tack to it and ride it around, and see what happens.
I’m just afraid Pebbles will disappear.
I’ll let,you know.
It might be a while though, since I’m taking a hiatus from playing the game.
I find I’m spending too much time in the Matrix. I choose to take the Red Pill for now.

I did the same and it disappeared after a few game days. I kept it in the barn with hay.

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Fekk, really wanted roach but Pebbles is a champ

Hi welcome to the forum :grinning:
I traded Pebbles and really wish I could change my mind but he’s nowhere to be found. I miss him.

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If you buy a Horde before you get pebbles, it stays in the upper Castle and you can take it when ever you want, but you cant call for it

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Yeah, I thought about is a little more and was like well I’ve had Epona for years and when ever i play LOZ She’ll be there and I’ve spent hours a Roach plus always call horses Epona or Roach. So! Pebbles is like the new main character horse, now in my mind there a 3 legendary horses haha Epona, Roach & Pebbles

I see what you did there.