Can you play offline through Epic game store?

I picked up Kingdom Come: Deliverance from the Epic game store during the free giveaway. I watched a few videos about it and it looks like a fun game. I downloaded the game and started it when I had internet service to make sure it didn’t need to load anything else. When I tried to start the game when I did not have internet service, it gave me an error message about not being about to verify or something like that. I tried looking online to see if you could play it offline or if you had to have an internet connection. I have found posts saying you can and can not play offline, but a lot of those post were old. I came here to find out if you can or not.

I have internet service, but there are times when I am away and can not get access and I was hoping I could play it then. If anyone can give me an answer that would be great. Thanks!

I don’t think so…you can play it offline on Steam tho. So why can’t we enjoy kcd offline on Epic games? Where is the problem warhorse? :o