Cannot equip melee weapons (or more specifically pull them out)

Hi, so I recently started playing this game on my xbox one, and i am doing the quest “the prey” where you need to go hunting with hans capon. I am at the part where you need to fight off the bandits (i think thats what they are lol) to save him, however i seem to be unable to equip any weapon apart from a bow (by which i mean it is the only weapon i can pull out, i can equip the weapons in the item menu but i cannot use them) which is virtually impossible to use at this point and I only have 2 arrows. The only weapons i have are a seax and a bludgeon, and I am unable to pull out even though i am pressing the correct button + they are equipped in the item menu, and i can pull out and use the bow just fine. So do you need a particular level or something to use those weapons, or it a glitch? If so, any advice on how to fix it?

Left and right on the d pad.

I never use a bow because I’m lazy and don’t wanna train it so I never really deal with it but I think right on the d pad equips a bow and left equips your melee. Make sure you have a melee weapon equipped in your inventory first though.

Pressing left on the d-pad doesn’t work :frowning: I was able to equip melee weapons just find earlier on in the game, I’m not sure what the problem is now