Cannot escape Vranik


Woken up in Vranik by Zbishek after Erik and Ishtvan leave and Udo beats Henry up
still have most of my armour on and 1000 lbs in the inventory from killing and looting bandits inside Vranik
go to escape point marked “A” , press “Use” and nothing happens, try jumping off rampart and nothing happens
reload save, put entire inventory in chest, go to escape point, same result.
Reload again, get all my stuff back, go to escape point, same shit again
no other places to get out of Vranik


You are supposed to be “naked” (no money, only the basic clothes) when you wake up in Vranik. You might have disturbed the game with a mod or a cheat or something like this. I suppose that the solution will be to try an older save, (there is one autosave upon entering Vranik if you don’t play hardcore), or relaunch your game.


yeah i know you are supposed to be naked
no mods, no console commands used entire game.
might be because i massacred entire camp BEFORE i got captured


That could be it. I got captured by normal means, then I failed few times, finally got out by jumping off on the left side of the wall. You actually press one button to trigger jump. There’s one chest where you can retrieve your lost stuff, so you really shouldn’t have anything at start of escaping.


yeah i know, this is on my fifth playthrough and never had any issues before, weird shit


No, I always kill and loot all bandits with no issues, before to go where Vashek is and get captured, I hide all my looting in a chest, then I retreive it before to leave Vranik. No issues.

If I stay too much in Vranik after Zbysheck frees Henry, mission fails, even if no bandits remains in the camp.

BTW you can kill Erick too - automatically fails mission.


cant be that then, i reloaded to a save just before i entered the camp, did all the stuff, spoke to Zbysheck THEN killed all the bandits like i normally do and it worked fine
next time i will try putting all my stuff in a chest like you do


What happens if you leave all stuff in chest?

iirc Erik’s chest is still accessible when you attack Vranik