Cannot Find Matthias for Quest


I have to talk with Matthias regarding the Quest Questions and answers but parallely I am doing the pestilence quest.

I went to the quest marker and cannot find Matthias:

It should look like here:

I never have been to this place before. So what can I do?


I’m on Xbox and I had a bug just like this but not as much of a problem because it was just the hunting activity for the Talmberg butcher. I went to were he was based on the marker and he wasn’t there. I just stood there and ran around in circles on were the marker was and he spawned in right on top of me it was kinda funny.


But you don’t haft to talk to him because you can talk to others if I remember correctly. This shouldn’t break the game for you. Like all the dialogue you have with him is exactly the same or very similar you’ll have with other people in the village I think. You may want to try and load back a save Idk man.