Cannot find The Rule of St. Nicholas IV (Pickpocketing skill book)

I’ve got all 4 levels of skill books, except this one. Has anyone managed to find it? Thanks.

EDIT: I know I can use cheat but I don’t want to

I don’t have the answer, but if you can remind me where you found some of the other books, maybe I can come up with a good guess.

I’ve got some help from here:

@MiddleAgedHenry mate have you found it?

I don’t have a good guess. Have you found all the treasures?

I know I found something under the ceiling in one of the windmills (Merhojed or Uzhitz), but I can’t remember if it was a book or a map.

None of the wikis list it. Multiple threads on this forum have no response. MAH has no idea, but it’s cute they’re trying I guess?

Maybe it was planned for a future DLC and they just never got around to putting it in. It might also be possible that random encounter vendors have it, but I wouldn’t waste my time trying to find out.

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So, cheat is all I have then, Gotcha. Thank you so much for saving my time.