Cannot get the "Fechtbuch" Film making of for free

Hi there.

I just received an email, that the Fechtbuch documentary is now available on steam, and free for all backers.

I am a backer.

I cannot DL it for free.




You have to Login at the KC:D Website. Than the Docu will be unlocked in your Steam Library.


Thx for advice :wink:

Yep. Had the same issue as OP; video wasn’t appearing in my library. After logging into the KC:D website, it gave me the green notice that the video had been added. Tabbed back over to Steam, and Fechtbuch was already there.

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I backed for alpha, not part of original kickstarter tho, and steam has not unlocked it, unless I missed something… It shows as $1.99 Add to Cart… Obviously I am logged in here…

You know, if WH rolled this video in with the BoB DLC, maybe it would sell better. Many can’t justify the 3 or 4 hours play through of the DLC… It is a poor precedent to set for DLC and not going to win any awards like Blood and Wine. Just saying…

Personally, I’m not interested in video/film itself, yet if someone says it’s free, it should definitely be free. Logging out and in on the website doesn’t work as desired.

And there is yet another huge problem with Fechtbuch. I unsubscribed from KCD: newsletter some time ago. Now someone used my e-mail adress saved in some database to send me this Fechtbuch spam without my consent and without contacting me beforehand. I hope it was just a mistake, as such behaviour is obviously against a law.

Well, I am obviously logged in here, yet I can’t find Fechtbuch anywhere.

Under “Library” in Steam, I don’t even have a tab “movies” at all!

Did you get this screen?

ahm…nope, I am auto logged in…

Try to relogin . Perhaps there is a trigger. If not it’s another case for @DrFusselpulli. :blush:

The forum and the website are independet from each other. In the top right corner you have a Backer Rewards button, and if you click it, there should be a “Sign in” button in about the middle of the screen.
If you login there, the system should add the Movie to your steam profile, can you check if this is the case? If not, I will give the movie to you manually.

Well, I just logged in via the website directly, and now it’s working. thanks for your help, guys, and Dr. Fusselpulli :slight_smile: