Cannot install on PC error!

When I try to install the game on PC from the Microsoft store I get and error saying I need to turn on windows update even though its already turned on with all the latest updates so any help to resolve this is needed?

i can only find the Xbox version at microsoft store … Are you trying to install the xbox version on your PC?

Did you try this:?

Should work :slight_smile:

I did try, but it made no difference since the settings were already as was suggested clicked on the link in the post which it suggested doing but that seemed like a link to download somthing so it seemed to me that was what the post was promoting rather than offering a proper solution to the problem, I need to no more about what it is that they want me to download before I do, for instance I need to know that it will work for certain rather than just downloading somthing that I hope works.

Did you get an error Code?

Yes I got the error code 0x80070422

Please check also the Services: bits and DcomLaunch. These must run too….

Interestingly enough the Steam version doesn’t suffer from this issue and is also around 20gb less to download, so I will save myself the hassle and play the steam version, but thanks for trying to help anyway.

I am trying to install this game on my windows 10 laptop. But still, it is getting a windows error 0x80248007. I have the latest gaming laptop I have no idea why this game is not installing and getting windows error.

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Ok, plz post a screenshot of the error.