Cannot move

its been more that a year since this game launch i still find myself not being able to move after loading a game, stuck in place, wasd don’t do anything while unmounted the only way to move is to mount of my horse, as soon as i get down the game locks me in place again, mouse input works, i can spin in place all i want, i can punch and go prone.

i have to load a game sometimes several hours later, thanks again for the saving system, to fix it, now i found a new thing, somehow after countless restarts i gain movement again, but then the game will cut my movement randomly.

Yes, after i fix the problem, and i am able to move again, the game randomly will start cutting my ability to move, strafe and eventually cutting all my movement all together.

i tried restarting the game, my pc, loading an old savegame everything eventually leads to the same problem being stuck in place, any idea how to fix this?

EDIT: i found a fix, opening and closing the console allows me to move again, but this is only temporary as i start losing movement eventually, but opening and closing the console fixes it.

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