Cannot pull RMB combos 1.6.2

Hi all, I’m sorry my first post has to be this embarrassing, but perhaps someone else can help me. I’m about 100 hours in, third play-through, sword lvl 20, but since the last patch I cannot pull any combinations that follow up with right mouse button. I’ve tried for hours with different approaches in the Pribyslavitz combat arena to no avail. I can pull every combination that includes LMB at whim so I’m wandering if the RMB timing has been tweaked or perhaps there is some bug? I did check my mouse and myself at and it seems that both parts of the equation outside the game are in order.

You’re not timing it right.

With the Scarmaker longsword combo I had tons of problems pulling it off because my final thrust (Right click) was off on the timing , I found out I was too it way too fast. Bernard is misleading when he says “When one strike ends you must begin another and stay to the sequence” because I would try to thrust against immediately after my second thrust and the comob wouldn’t’ pull off. But when I went Slash - Thrust - pause then Thrust the combo executed every time…

Try your times a bit. Try it a bit faster if it doesn’t work slow it down. A good way to practice sword combos is to ask Bernard to train Master Strikes with you, he asks you to give it all you got and he doesn’t master parry any blows for quite awhile , I found this is the best way to get the timings down on all your skills.

One thing that might happening is that you aim the thrust to the head. Thrust only have two target zones (head and tprso) and so some people do not notice they are thrusting high.

Thank you for your replies. I’m more that willing to accept that this is me not doing something right, it is just slightly strange that I was able to pull all of these combinations before and now I’m completely stuck. I will continue to try then.

P.S. - The best way that I found to practice combos is going to Pribyslavitz combat arena and asking to fight the lowest trained opponents in full plate armor with a training sword. Quite literally, almost unobstructed practice.