Cannot speak to all NPC villager

When I got the Woman Scorned quest, I tried to pickpocket the target but but got noticed. After the witness ran to the forest and I killed her, all the people, except the trader and important npc, in the game refused to talk to me, even in different town, such as Rattay. My reps are actually fine, 50+ in all cities, civs and guards. I tried donating to church, even punching the guard in talmberg, but i still can’t talk to other npcs after i got out and my reps is down to 16. Do anyone have a fix for this? Maybe a mod or command prompt in the game. I love this game, but i don’t want to reloading old save because i got a good armor from cuman bandits :frowning:

This is the location of the place when I get caught doing the quest, it’s the inn in the glade.

Thanks before!