Cant Activate DLC

Im on PS4 i bought the dlcs and i cant activate them. When i go to dlcs tab it says to buy them but i already did. Someone pls help

Ffs someone pls help. I paid a lot of money for this and i cant even access the thing i bought

Same herešŸ˜­

Another user on PS4 had to restore his game licenses. I donā€™t own PS4 so I have no idea how to do it.

I reinstalled the game and ir got fixed. Try it

And you still have access to your previous saves?

Yup but it might be bcz im on ps4

same whit me. other dlc work but womans lot. i am on PS4 5 minutes laterā€¦
okay it is fixed i reinstalled the game and updated my ps4 and started the console again. now every dlc is here.

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Are cutscenes working for your dlcs? Mine is skipping cutscenes in from ashes

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My cutscenes works. But now band of bastards dialogue chrashes me game.