Can't buy DLC


hey guys, I want to give you money. You won’t take it.

From steam:
Your transaction failed because you are trying to buy ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance – From the Ashes’ which requires ownership of ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’. Please correct the error and try again.

Needless to say I do in fact own KCD. I even went from Steam Library->KCD->DLC->From the Ashed->In Cart->Cart …

So even after following the path from steam through KCD to the cart it is still telling me that I do not own the product. It’s in my library.


sound more like a problem at the steam end ( problems with steam I read as not uncommon) have you talked to them?
I bought on GoG and had no problems getting the game and DLCs


I thought the same but the fact is that KCD high res download didn’t work and now KCD purchase doesn’t work on Steam. I have never had any issue with any other product on Steam, only KCD. I’m not sure as to how much control the developer has over the process vs. Steam. For the high res pack some bizarre, twisted workarounds were provided (didn’t work for me) that imply that the developer has a lot more input than I would have thought.


Still, No problems on GoG which is why I suggested its steam. I read a lot of complaints about steam in the forum past few months


Yeah, you’re right. Whether it’s Warhorse or Steam, contacting Steam is still the right thing to do (which I just did). Thanks.


FYI, check your properties for KCD on Steam and ensure you are running the current version. Steam gets quirky over minor issues.


Steam told me to buy the game again:

Hi there,

There is no purchase registered in your account for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game is being shared to you through Family Share and that is why you have access to the base game. You will be unable to purchase the DLC until you own the base game on your own account.

_More information can be found in the Family Sharing User Guide and Community Discussions. The discussion forums are a great place to submit and discuss Family Sharing feedback. _

Thanks for using Steam,

I am an early supporter. I bought the game a year before it was shipped. Apparently when they moved the account to steam it became a “family shared” game, whatever the hell that is.


Can you please look into this problem?


Make sure Family Sharing is disabled. Settings then Family make sure Authorize Library Sharing is unchecked. You can also see which computers are able to access your Library in Manage other computers.


Can you try to do what @Callahan420 told, and report back to me, if it didn´t worked?


You still have proof of payment?


I have two steam accounts, one tied to an old email and the other to a newer email. In the end there was confusion between the accounts. They are merged (only sort of, I guess), and I see KCD in both, but I had to switch accounts to buy the DLC. So it was a steam thing and not a KCD issue.