Can't deliver the game physically or digitaly on consoles?


Umm what is with this email? I backed the Dgitial Xbox One version, the pre order is already up in the Xbox one store, why are they unsure if they can actually get me the digital version i backed? PC version will do me no good. I fail to see how they don’t know if they can simply get me a digital code for the Xbox to get that version of the game, seems really odd at this point to say this.

“Unfortunately we can’t confirm if we can deliver the game digitally or physically on consoles yet. Please fill in your address anyway, even if you pledged for digital rewards only!”


I’m worried about this as well. I don’t own any games physically and made sure to back a digital including tier for PS4… so I have zero interest in a physical only tier or something instead…


You both have Kickstarter tiers. I checked your profiles.
@swanlee, you will get a XboxOne version
@Cannon, you will get a PS4 version


Thanks. The email sent out had me worried


I have a similar problem I backed on kickstarter and was upgraded to digital but can’t select xbox one I don’t have a pc


Unfortunately, it is not possible anymore, to switch the platform so close to the release anymore. We already ordered the console versions at our partner Deep Silver and we don´t have console versions on stock to make quick changes, as we will not distribute the console versions after the release. This will be done by Deep Silver. I am very sorry.


What will I do with a pc version I have no pc never changed to it I have no use for it