Can't exit combat


Some Cumans attacked me i run away and i am still in combat, i am already on the opposite side of the map and still in combat, have no idea what to do, the only option i see is to load the last save.
I am on PS4, latest version. 1.7.4 i think.

I must say, i love the idea of the game, but the execution is just terrible. I waited since the launch, just returned, and still tons of game breaking bugs, played for a couple of days and got:

  1. forever sleeping NPS, could not turn in main quest! (experienced the same at launch)
  2. Schnapps save failed to load a couple of times and self deleted (experienced the same at launch)
  3. and now cannot exit the combat.

If somebody is still deciding to buy this game, i would not recommend.


Lol, funny post. Hint : you need to run, not to walk.


Wasn’t fun at all, i was riding my horse, ended up loading the last save game.


I continue to be baffled by all the other PS4 users bug experiences.
I’ve been playing on a newly bought vanilla PS4 since release (now have well over 2000 hours total in 2 playlines) and haven’t experienced a fraction of the issues reported.
I must just be the luckiest damned (sickening fanboy) bastard in history…


Cumans are supposed to chase you. It’s not bug.


I think you took a wrong turn in the beginning. In Rovna you need to go left (by the river) to get to Talmberk. If you went right Cumans would chase you forever. Remember - left!