Can't find the bandit leader in Ruin activity

So, I’ve reached the fourth camp in the Ruin activity, and the bandit leader is nowhere to be found. I’ve explored the surrounding woods, poisoned the food and wine, and raided the guarded “grave” near the camp, and still haven’t found the leader. I’ve been back to visit over a few in-game weeks, and other than the occasional bandit or dog there is nothing else there. Here is the map location:

(the point, not area, marker makes me think this might really be bugged)
and the camp itself:

Any help will be appreciated

You might have killed him by poison or bleeding after fighting him, but missed the body before it despawned.

If so his quest item will have been ‘collected’ and might be present in the ‘lost and found’ quest.

Ok. I will have to try that

Well, that worked fine. The spurs were in the Presbytery, and I think I may have killed him earlier outside of the quest. The bugged appearance was there from the start. Also, there is one small bug that hasn’t been resolved: I had another Ruin quest item (bandit leader spurs) in my inventory, and couldn’t turn them in. The activity is completely finished and they are still there.