Can't get Abbot's list

I’ve finished a few of the monastery quests, and after getting the monastery keys and The Abbot’s List quest I still wasn’t able to open the door to the Abbot’s study and actually read the list. I don’t know what else to do, and this has halted the story. I can’t pick the lock, and I keep seeing tutorials/playthroughs/other posts where they didn’t need to pick the lock at all.

Well thats not the only way to complete the quest.

Try a bit more. If you cant ill help out

Below is a BIG SPOILER (that also reveals who’s Pious).

Fastest way to get out of the monastery

Tell Antonius that you’re looking for Pious. Since it’s him that is Pious, he will poison your food. At the next meal, eat your food and get poisoned.

You will survive and wake up in the sleeping quarters, and Antonius will be there with you. Don’t make a deal, and you will end up fighting him to the death.

After he’s dead, steal his dice and exit the monastery through the cellar. Lockpicks can be found behind the church altar.