Can't get the HD-Texture pack to install


While I do have the DLC, it seems I cannot get it installed? It’s not accessible ingame, and when I click on “download” (lower right hand on the picture below), all it does is launch the game.

What am I missing?


Try this…

I wanted to post a quick explanation for people like me who are wondering why is the HD texture pack option disabled in your game settings screen.

These are the 3 simple steps you need to follow to install it:

  • First, go to the Kingdom Come: Deliverance - HD Texture Pack product page on Steam and click on the “Download” button (the one next to “Free to play” ). Instead of actually downloading the DLC, Steam will for some reason launch the game and to everyone’s surprise the option will still be greyed out.
  • Next, quit the game, navigate to your Steam library and select “Kingdom Come: Deliverance” . Scroll down to the “DLC” section just below “Achievements” to find that the texture pack DLC is now listed, however, is most probably “Not Installed” as it was in my case (your list might be slightly different depending on whether you have “Treasures of the Past” DLC or not).
  • Last, but not least, simply untick the checkbox and tick it again for Steam to start downloading the update automatically. It’s 5.7GB large and hopefully, depending on your internet connection, shouldn’t take long to install.


Thank you, that worked!


No problem man