Cant load savegame

So I just bought this game a couple weeks ago and already spent 62 hours on my playthorugh. Now I cannot load any savegame, wtf?
I just signed up to ask if there is any way to get this working again, never had this issue before.
I refuse to start all over again.


not sure if there is a workaround or not , i’m on the ps4 version and having the same issue , someone else in a different thread/forum ( can’t recall what site i seen it on since i was hunting for help for a while) said to delete some older saves and try loading after that , it didn’t help me personally , hopefully we can get answers soon or they fix it in the next patch , i was 81.9 hours in and i don’t really wanna restart it either but considering the issue i feel a bit burned having spent 60 bucks on it digitally.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will try deleting some older saves and see what happens.
I was really enjoying this game, the bugs didn’t bother me that much. but loosing my progress would change my opinion :expressionless:

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I had this issue couple of days ago with ps4. During my session i did more saves than usually. When i started at next day, game load failed about last ten saves. I literyally got panicked and deleted almost all old files leaving only most savefiles of last three autotopics. Earliest of them was after the Talmberg horserace when i was already back in Rattay. And that file worked as it should.

I know I an very late to reply but for anyone who has this problem now, I was on my second play through and after reaching around halfway through the main quest I made a new save, died, and when I went to respawn it wasn’t there and after several hours of loading and saving it always said game load failed.

FIX: delete some of your previous saves then you should be able to load your new saves.