Can't log in to

Backed the game on Kickstarter, and have the Alpha/Beta access to the game in my Steam list. Not had a working computer for a while, so wasn’t able to claim the backer reward and add the game to my library. Now I can’t log in to the main website to access my profile. I used the same email and password as I use to access the forum, but it says that it doesn’t work. Used the reset password link, but not received an email to reset it. Would appreciate any help to be able to access my account and to add the full game to my Steam library.

Maybe u have used a different email address to back up? :slight_smile:
Edit: In the Forum here, u seem to have the status Backer (Group: Backers)

Bumping this because it’s months later and I’ve tried again, with no luck. It’s definately the right email address, but to be sure I’ve tryed registering a new email address and I’m also not receiving an email to that address, so there’s clearly something wrong with the system.