Can't raise Uzhitz reputation !BUGGED!


I try to do the King Charming trophy and I f-ing hate it, it doesn’t work properly.

My Uzhitz reputation stays on 48 even after completing “the horse that bolted”, tipping that one trader and the innkeeper 8 times each, waiting for some days and coming back.

Also, I have the “infamous” perk and didn’t ever steal anything. I even helped catching a bandit once!

What’s up with that?!!!


sadly the horse that bolted doesn’t seem to raise reputation, and Uzhitz traders do not contribute to the reputation,
the only thing I have found to work raising reputation there is losing at dice.


Well, it should be fixed then. Thanks for the tipp btw


wow, that actually worked^^
you’re a genius sir, if I were wearing a hat I’d tip it to you


Glad it helped!

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