Cant sleep or interact with beds in general


i cant intereact with any beds in the game, and it is making me unable to progress further into the game.
i started after the new update (1,3,1).
ive tried reloading older saves, but that didnt work, i even restarted the game, but the bug persists even in my new playline.


Do you have any mods?


i do:
bow reticle
motion sickness be gone
unlimited saving


Maybe that’s the problem.


Me too. I have a couple of mods installed. I am trying to persevere with this game, but sometimes I feel the creators are deliberately trying to put me off!! Not everyone is a professional gamer and I am a relative beginner in gaming. I think I will shelve this game until all the bugs etc. have been put right!


It was, i deletet all mods and it fixed


The Devs did say that 1.3 will not work with all mods and would cause more problems if you use mods…


Goddamn developers, not making sure that third party software doesn’t mess up the game!!!1!!!1!!!