Can't start Delicacies

Not sure if this is a bug, but Andrew the innkeeper won’t give me Delicacies. On a previous playthrough he offered me the quest right away, but in this case he has the Activity marker on the map but doesn’t have the dialogue option where you ask him if he needs supplies. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m pretty early in the game - right after the Ginger in a Pickle quest. I’ve branched off the main questline to do some sidequests and I just happen to have some Roe Deer that I’ve … acquired … so it’d be nice to knock the first of his requests out of the way.

Thanks in advance.

Bump… anyone have any insight?

Hi Vorchaeus, same here. I started a completely new game after patch 1.9 and woman’s lot. Just finished Ginger in a pickle and Alex has been “helpful” talking about charcoal burners so it’s evident that he has quest awareness and his dialogues work. But still no option for starting delicacies. Now that you have the same problem I believe it may be a bug

Well, that’s unfortunate. I’ve also noticed A Bird In Hand isn’t completing… I might have to restart again, this time without mods. I mean they aren’t important quests, but it’s just alarming to see so many bugs crop up. I don’t want the save to be already corrupted and only find out when I get a gamebreaking bug late in the storyline.

Don’t blame the game when your the one using mods. If you had said that in the first place someone could have told you the answer straight away.

No mods here, also can’t start this quest after 1.9.

Yeah, I started over (again), no mods… again not getting the quest. Seems bugged. I put in a bug report.

it seems to come available further in to the game, after compleating Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing and Cherchez la Femme
i was passing by Andrew so thought i’d try to speak to him again and the speech option was available hope this helps.

Good to know, thanks

Interesting. Sadly I got him killed already, along with those no-good freeloading proto-bandits Matthew and Fritz.