Cant start first duel in tournament



As the the title says, when I’m about to enroll in the tourney and choose my weapon, an infinite loading screen appears. and no, mods do not cause this as I’ve taken them all out and retried to no avail.



Is this your first tournament in the playline? Would you mind send us the save before the tourney?


Yes this is the first playline in where i want to enroll the tourney (i do have other palylines). Unfortunately i cannot send the save file right now. But ill send it to you at like 2:clock230: swedish time.


To start the Tourney I had have Sir Capon ask me to participate, after that the Tourney works fine.


I’ll try to do that. Thanks for the suggestion


did you also try the Samopesh Blacksmith? for his mission? That I got the tourney to run for me.


Yeah, that’s how I got the tournament quest.


I am in the epilouge quest where he waits for me to ride, so I can’t ask him about the tournament. What to do?


That is another option, that will also start the Black Peter quest.


Well, what do you guys suggest? I’ve tried reloading save, removing mods etc. Anything else to try?


The quickest way would be to the Sampopesh blacksmith and start the Black Peter quest. or wait and keep contacting Sir Hans as the game progresses, eventually you will get to the tournaments. The one thing the tournaments have proven to me is that I am good with the axe and lousy with a sword.


The problem is that I get an infinite loading screen when I am about to fight my first rival, not getting the quest. When I enrolled and chose a weapon of my choice, it’s only there where I get an infinite loading screen no matter if I get the quest from Hans or the blacksmith.


I had the same problem until I spoke to Sir Hans, after that the tournament loaded normally. You may hack go back to your last save either go to Samopesh to start black Peter or wait until you speak with Sir Hans at the Inn.


What is the quest called at the inn? How far back is it really? I don’t want to go all the way back just because of a stupid bug.


After you rescue Hans, you need wait a bit and meet him at the inn.