Can't Start Tournament


I’m still struggling to get the Tournament to work… I have quests from Hans, Peshek, & Samopesh blacksmith. I am on the latest patch 1.7.1 but the guy always tells me “you’ll have to wait a few days…” I tested it by waiting and sleeping repeatedly and 7 days later (asking once per day) I STILL cannot get the tournament… Do I need to be finished with the main quest? I have not entered Vranik because it told me that it would kill certain side quests… I’m at the point where I don’t even want to play any more because I might need to revert saves or something? Please help.


I was having the same issue, though i solved this after getting the quest from the Samopesh Blacksmith, so not sure why it wont start for you. However, you do not need to finish the main quest, so its likely a bug.


I know fer sure that mods will keep you from talking the Tourney master. Which of my mod(s) I haven’t tried to find yet.