Can't surrender during random encounters


Is it just me or game doesn’t allow me to surrender during random encounters when cumans, bandits ambush me while travelling Bohemia?


No you can’t, they’re the enemy not hold guards…there is no being capture or being put in jail by the enemy, just death.

You can only surrender to a guard or during training with Cpt Bernard to my knowledge


Wouldn’t be posibble to pay for your life? What is point of bandit or villager attacks, to kill or to rob people?


Some « professional » highwayman will offer you the option to surrender. They usually are well armoured and will ask you to stop and surrender before attacking you.


Nice, I either run or fight to the death so I guess I just assumed…I never saw a surrender option but as I said, I usually run or fight so I’ve probably run from Highwaymen before an altercation happened.


Interesting, will need to find those



U use to be able to


I mean, maybe I dont pay attention because I either run or fight but I feel like I only see the “surrender” option at the bottom when I’m in the shit with guards


I can recall it happening once with bandits - a group larger than any I’ve seen otherwise (somehow I talked them out of fighting!), but otherwise like you, only surrender option with guards. Cumans and bandits seem to insta fight.


GREAT idea imho!!!


Encounters where you can surrender and pay do happen but they’re so rare and if you didn’t press surrender in like 2 seconds they will aggro and want to kill you as everyone else.
This is dumb since enemies love to surrender and the game tells you so often that ‘combat doesn’t need to end with death’ etc


Ok…I rly didn’t notice events like this during my 220h playtime!
I think it would be helpful if the surrender option would be inside a dialogue… so you can’t miss it when you’re not fast enough to surrender!


well, I mean, you’re honorable and a bandit/cuman isnt…so if anything they’d trick you into surrendering just to get you gold and then attack when you aren’t looking or something.
Cumans especially, as they’re foreign invaders and could not care less about you


Not once has it occurred to me that I should surrender to a bandit, or cuman, Henry will purge Bohemia of that scum.


Also true, kill them or die trying