Can't talk to Herald?

I can’t talk with Herald to start the tournament for some reason, I tried starting the tournament by talking with Hans and after that didn’t work I tried starting it trhough the blacksmith in Samopesh but i have the same problem.

when i wait in the morning the herald comes out and I only can pickpocket him…

Oh and doesn’t matter what time it is, the quest failes automaticly when I get stopped to get searched by the Rattat soldiers.

Does someone have tips or a workaround?

Exact, cela fait deux fois que des gardes me tombent sur le dos pour des amendes non méritées et que le tournoi débute sans moi. Je pense qu’il y a un bug quelque part.
Le fait de devoir se pointer à 6h du mat pour attendre que l’enrôleur se pointe et que l’on ait à peine 2 secondes pour s’inscrire, c’est trop chiant surtout que les tournois sont trop éloignés l’un de l’autre.
Le tournoi devrait être accessible plus facilement et même à pouvoir s’inscrire dès l’annonce du tournoi pour le lendemain.

Exactly, it’s been twice that guards fall on my back for undeserved fines and the tournament starts without me. I think there is a bug somewhere.
The fact of having to point out at 6am to wait for the enlisted to come up and that we have barely 2 seconds to register, it’s too boring especially since the tournaments are too far apart 'other.
The tournament should be accessible more easily and even be able to register as soon as the tournament announcement for the next day. (google translate)

Well I can’t start the tournament, I see the herald walk up to the combat arena and then he stops (i think he normally says something) then he walks back again and just stands at his spot. I can wait on the stairs close and then I won’t get stopped by the soldiers but even if I wait from 4am to 5am, 6am etc and everytime I try to talk to the Herald I only get the option to pickpocket him.

It is very bugged.

Same here. Commenting in hope this thread finds a solution

I had a mod removed (all the pretty horses), did a verification check and it worked again.

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Pebbles is the best mod also prevents talking to the master ( I use the pebbles and roach version)
Strange how a horse mod prevents an NPC interaction.

I just use it because the horses look more beautiful. I have warhose jenda

Just joining this thread as well (my current status here) to share that I’m in same boat here - tossing the “all the pretty horses” mod (well actually I disabled 95% of my mods) seems to have gotten me bit closer here - finally could get the dialog from the “Herald” NPC … but now I’m getting the “wait a few days for the tourney” message. Anyone know a way around this or a solution for this situation?