Can't use horse saddlebags

Hello, in the run mission where Henry is escaping Skalitz I specifically took the other horse instead of Polena to use it’s saddle bags, but I don’t see a way to access them! I managed to kill a quman and got his stuff and now I walk around Talmberg over burdened all the time. What’s wrong?

Well you need to own a horse in order to access the saddle bags in the inventory. You don’t get a horse until a little bit into the game, but you can get one earlier by going to a certain village and buying one. (Trying to spoil as little as possible) But yeah, you can’t access the saddle bags because you technically don’t own the horse. Just ditch some gear if you’re overloaded.

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As far as i remember: When taking the horse to Talmberg, u can access the saddlebag (ie to deactivate the saddle for more horse speed). When u reach Talmberg, you will lose this ability. When u have to leave Talmberg for Skallitz, you should have access again

my own horse? I took it from qumans, I survived the chase to Talmberg on it’s back. Why wouldn’t it be my own?? That does not make much sense. In the end I had to leave it in Talmberg because I was too heavy to get up on it and then spent a long time walking super slowly to the inn where I paid for a room and dumped all the loot I got from training of lockpicking in the chest.
MeanderSilderberg I don’t see any option to access it when looking at the horse and no horse shows in my inventory so maybe this was changed in some patch…

In order to access a horse’s inventory, you need to own the horse. Stealing a random horse doesn’t make it yours. You do get to own a temporary horse in the Run! quest, but you lose it when you make it to Talmberg.

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Stealing a random horse does not allow me to change the state of the saddle :wink:
How would i be able to change the state of the saddle? Maybe i’ve whistled to make the cumans turn away from theresa

When the horse is owned by you, as in the Run! quest, you can go to your inventory screen, then companions, then the gear tab, or something like that, and remove the saddle, leaving it in your horse inventory, or you can transfer it to your own inventory. Removing it lowers the equipped weight of the horse, allowing you to go faster.

If you whistle, you get Olena for the Run! quest. It’s then owned by you until you get to Talmberg. If you don’t whistle, or take a different horse, then Henry takes a horse called Horse, the baker’s mare, even though all horse models are male. You also get Horse if you walk at the cutscene trigger.