Can't use points for my perks

I was downloaded some mods and when I wanted to restart a new playthrough I see that when I choose some respective stats on the dialogue with Henry’s mother (speech/vitality/strenght/agility) but I can’t spend nothing. I go on the propertie of the game (via Steam) and do the verify integrity of game files but they said that’s all is fine. I’ve download the WeMod trainer for fun and some others, but I don’t know if I have to reinstall the game or delete all my mods…
And the picture which the issue.


There is nothing to spend. You have reached low levels in Strength and Speech, but have no perk points (Asterix in the column to the left of the level number).

If you highlight the skill/stat/item and use the Infos key you will see the thresholds for each new perk point.

Thanks for the quick answer. But at least I CAN see the perks they are in the speech/strenght etc. But you can see that I can’t. I know that I was able to see it before because it’s not my 1st playthrough but still, thanks.
Well I do another playthrough and using cheats and now I can spend perks point. But, they said that all 2 lvl (for the strenght) I have one perk point. And on my screenshot I’m level 2 ! So… I don’t know what to think about it.

Well I don’t know how but now everything works fine. Thank you I guess Lieste ? x)