Capon doesn't let me finish the game, asks to start his Amorous adventures. How to solve this?

So, this is my second playthrough. I completed the game on hardcore with all negative perks. I’m in epilogue and all I need to do to complete the game is to talk to Hans. After that we should ride into sunset. But instead Hans wants me to help him with his Amorous adventures which I don’t want to do in hardcore mode. So, what should I do? Can I somehow finish the game normally, without doing that DLC? All I want is my trophy, I don’t want to complete this DLC again (I did it in my first playthrough already). I’m on PS4, all DLCs are bought.

Nope, without DLC is the same, you can’t talk to Hans. There’s another thread about this in this forum. 3 months and still no fix.