Captain Bernard Fell Out of Map

I was doing training with Captain Bernard most of the day, finally decided to hit the Tourney but not without getting some much needed practice in.

BUG: While practicing, Captain Bernard fell through the floor at the Battle Camp right outside Rattay’s North Gate. At first his head was the only thing showing, then he moved forward and now I’m sure he’s in an eternal fall under the Map in Rattay. Unfortunately Surrender doesn’t work as Henry says he gives but since CB is nowhere to interact with, the command does not work. Is there a way to reset the Captain back home or somewhere not underneath the world? I searched for a reset console command but no avail, that information isn’t widely available.

Also now that he’s under the map, Henry is stuck inside the practice barricade! He cannot jump out either.

You can teleport, both yourself, and NPCs with a mod, but just reload your last save.

All hail ozking for he beats men til they’re literally underground!!

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My game glitched and I killed Captain Bernard when sparring. :unamused:

HAIL Sir Satyagraha92! :pray:
I had a feeling someone would catch that one :rofl: :joy: , Good ol’ Cap’n and I were in the Arena for about 2 hours (IRL time), before that happened. No saves either, so I went AFK and minimized the game just to see if there was a way to do it before I reloaded my last Save. But no, so I had to reload… aye I have to remember to Save myself all the time… Jesus Christ!
I guess it’s practically real practice now.

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Thanks for the responses. As I mentioned to Satyagraha, I just reloaded as everyone suggested… as it seems Captain’s submission was not enough… I’ll take it easier on him next time. :grimacing: Sakra!
Oz King