Captain bernard wont say I'm doing good at archery even if I am


I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue captain bernard no longer can tell Henry that he didn’t do that bad he just always said that he did terrible I know for a fact that there is a dialogue option where he does say it there’s videos on youtube from February where he does anybody know a way to make him say it he won’t haven finish his lecture before he cuts himself off and says I did terrible even if I made every shot


Yeah. I can’t remember which patch dropped that, but he says it even if you get bullseye on every shot now, whereas he used to be pleasantly surprised.


This kind of answer fits more for Bernard being an old grumpy (bastard) teacher. :grinning:
Not really a bug for me…
But you can make a bug report to:
Thank you!!!


BTW: Captain Bernhard is like my dad: You did something absolutely well an he is like “meh…was pretty okay”

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


And that is how it should be, it makes you stronger :wink:


Maybe you’re right but at moment it’s a dialogue line not in the game that should be


I once scored great and he still complained.


Remember Captain Bernard does not like Henry so nothing Henry dies will be good enough.


I’ve been getting a lot of experience using my high unarmed and strength to back Captain Punching bag into the corner of the training field and preventing him from playing his ridiculous (and largely unblockable/unthwartable) combo animations, which don’t teach me jack shit (except how to repair my gear).

Managed to level polearm from zero to 9 in like 2 training sessions in one day. Similar gains with axe (which also was at zero) and sword (which was about about 5 when I started).

Strangely though, Mace is slow to gain XP with him, and the other interesting thing is–probably as a result of the particular mix of perks my Henry has, Capt Bernard is COMPLETELY unable to cope with my Henry wielding a wooden shield and club. I literally just beat him around the ring till he ends it (cut-scene to him standing outside the training ground, with bruises and blood stains on his face, then he saunters nonchalantly over to his idle position and is as friendly as can be!