Carry capacity too high

I know this topic has come up before, but those threads didn’t really resolve my problem so I’m starting a new one. Essentially, my base carry weight is set at 852, regardless of my Strength stat and affecting all saves, being one old character where I discovered the bug and one fresh character I created to test with. I do have a couple mods installed, but these do not affect Henry’s stats at all and my own troubleshooting has confirmed this. I tried digging around in the rpg_param table but couldn’t find the issue there either, so I’m really stumped and don’t really want to continue playing with this issue. If someone could point me in the right direction to restore the default values I wold really appreciate it.

It is definitely a mod issue. It doesn’t matter if a mod doesn’t affect character stats, mods will override the entire files causing all sorts of issues, especially if it is outdated.

Uninstall the mods and then check the stats.

If you look in rpg_param.xml you should see a setting called BaseInventoryCapacity and you can change it to whatever you like. If you are using a mod that adjusts that file you will need to make the change in it instead.
The default file is in KingdomComeDeliverance\Data\Tables.pak\libs\Tables\rpg

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