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I can’t seem to get the pledging system to work. After filling out info for a new backer and click register it gives me an error of “We’re sorry, something went wrong.” Am I don’t something incorrectly or is it just a bug that’s being looked into.

Had some trouble pledging too.Never got the first confirmation mail.And couldn’t create a second account as my mail was in use…But today I found how to resend a confirmation mail somewhere in the upper right corner,if I remember correctly…(think it was in the pledge submenu where you can see account details at the top of the page)
After that I was able to confirm my mail and pledge…

I wanted to suggest something for gameplay but at this point I’m unable to post in that category.
Guess if everything goes well i’ll have the Baron badge soon though
(and there the badge is…first post)

i was just wondering i got the BARON TIER DIGITAL (Special Edition) when do i get a alpha code

I cannot tell if my account in the forums is linked to my Kickstarter pledge; there is no box in my “preferences” section where I can input the code from the Kickstarter page, and I’ve been unable to log in on the main page. I can log in to the forum, but am not able to access the technical alpha. very frustrating. Edit turns out the login for the main page and forums uses different usernames/passwords. Go figure. All working fine now.

well your forum badge is working so that’s a good sign that it is.

I believe all you have to do to link the to is create your forum account with the same email used with kickstarter.

I know I am super late on this but I just pledged and began playing the game and hitting up the forums. For the sake of everyone else who is having issues even if you are not anymore, what you do is go to your profile and scroll down to where it has a little steam logo and it says “code” or something similar and then it will show the code once you click on it. Then you go to steam and in the bottom left click on “add a game” and then click “Use a product code” or something similar to that and then enter the code. Next thing you know it is in your library and you just have to install to play it! Hopefully this helped even though you most likely already have it figured out since its been about half a year.


I cannot see any code for my Kickstarter??

Hey guys, I backed the game on Kickstater long ago, but then life kept me away from computers for a while. Returning now to normal, I checked Kickstarter on the game standing and came here to the forum.
Seems I was supposed to enter my Kickstarter code somewhere, but I didn’t find the place to do so. Next they suggest I send a PM to user Warhorse… but I can’t seem to find user Warhorse anywhere.
So please, can you point me in the right direction so I can get my kickstarter backer status? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Having the same issue…


after I pledged on Kickstarter, I changed my E-mail address there and later creating this account I forgot about the change and used my new E-mail address. Now, is it possible to link up this account with the Kickstarter backer status or do I have to create a new account with my old E-mail address?

How do I become a Backer for the game? I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the website. I’m not sure if I can become a backer. Just interested.

Hello! Kingdom Come is coming…
and I would like to know how and when I will receive my physical copy of the game, I want the Physical PC copy.
but I do not know if I have to give my address for the shipment, to whom to give it?